Electrical and mechanical upgrades

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Mechanical and electrical hardware modernizations

Each of our interventions is preceded by a feasibility study that can be requested by the customer in order to verify that the systems meet the requirements for modifications and modernizations.

For our customers we carry out:

Replacement of direct current motors with alternating current equipment. This guarantees better energy efficiency, and ensures that the Cosφ (power factor) remains within the limit set by European legislation.

Replacement and update of the control component of the PLC system. This affects the final production, as it guarantees uniformity and consistency in the production process.

Mechanical maintenance. Our experience and profound knowledge of this type of system allows us to precisely identify the components that require maintenance or replacement.

Modernization of systems based on updates implemented over time. Thanks to a preventive analysis of the system, it is possible to update it and make it compliant with modern production standards.